The Lo-Manthang School Association is a small, non-profit association whose goal is to provide children and young people from poor backgrounds in economically underdeveloped, remote mountainous areas of Nepal with access to basic school education.

The association is a connecting link between donors and sponsors here and the projects in Dolpo and Mustang. It informs about the development of the projects, ensures a transparent and efficient use of the funds, enables continuous support by the broad sponsorship and appeals to interested parties or people.

The donations are used directly. The administrative costs are very low, as all board members work for free.
The school association Lo-Manthang is recognized as a non-profit association.



The illiteracy rate in Mustang is very high, especially among women – so education is urgently needed. However, the fact that the population in Mustang speaks Tibetan and is Buddhist, but the teachers in the state schools speak Nepali and are Hindus, complicates matters. Many parents do not send their child to school. Thus, concerns about the loss of one’s own language and cultural identity are not unfounded.

In Dolpo, the situation is considerably more difficult. This region is one of the most secluded in the world and is only accessible via passes of over 5000 meters above sea level. Government schools are scarce, there are only a few private schools.

For this reason, the school association in both Mustang and Dolpo supports locally-created, state-recognized schools that provide children with education based on their own culture. These are currently the Monastery School Tsechhen Shedrub Ling Mon Gon Lobdra in Lo-Manthang, the Tsunmai Lobdra Monastery School in Tsarang (called Nunnery School), and the co-educational Primary School in Namdo / Upper Dolpo.

Bildung heisst Zukunft

Photograph: Gerda Pauler


Since 1999 we are committed to the literacy and educational development of the population in the remote mountainous areas of the Himalayas in Nepal, first only in Mustang and now very intensively in Upper Dolpo.
The official recognition as a non-profit association and thus tax exemption of donations to the school association took place at the beginning of 2001. Our projects in Mustang – the monastery school for boys in Lo-Manthang and the Nunnery School for girls in Tsarang – have been carried out successfully and continuously since the founding of the association. The school association is not solely responsible for both projects.

In 2010, the school association Lo-Manthang took on sole responsibility for the primary school in Namdo / Upper Dolpo and opened in 2012 a hostel in Kathmandu for secondary school students from Namdo and Karang / Upper Dolpo.