Namdo School

Upper Dolpo

The primary school was founded in 2003 and has been run as a semi-private school ever since, as the government currently provides 3 teachers. Due to the climatic conditions, the school operates from April to November.

The catchment area of the school comprises more than 100 households. The school in Namdo is the only access to education for the children and enjoys a high priority in the village and the surrounding area, so that the number of students increases annually. More than 100 children are currently going to school and are taught according to the Nepalese curriculum. The curriculum is supplemented with teaching in Tibetan, in order not to lose reference to the mother tongue and the native Tibetan Buddhist culture. The school consists of eight classes: Nursery, Kindergarden, Grades 1-5 and the 6th grade (Lower Secondary Class).

The high acceptance of the school among the population could be achieved by a continuously guided operation as well as the dedicated school management and teachers. The school lessons (incl. teaching aids and uniform) are free of charge for the children and are supported by your donation.