Nurses of the community NAMDO/CORAL

In the Namdo/Karang region, there has long not been any conventional medical support for the population. In the event of an emergency, the people had to take a long walk. The main victims were mothers, children and the elderly. Due to the lack of support for mothers before and after childbirth, infant and maternal mortality is still very high.

In 2012, we sought a collaboration with Dolpo Tulku, One Heart World Wide, and the district government to improve basic health care. In 2013 we were able to send the first nurse to Saldang.

In the meantime, we can pay two nurses, one in Namdo and one in Karang, thanks to generous donations. In Saldang a nurse paid by the state is partly present.

The two nurses were both trained in Kathmandu and completed their training last year.

We are particularly proud that since 2019 Dolma Choecky, one of our hostel students, is working as a nurse in her home village of Karang.

In addition to the medical care of the population, we focus on prevention (e.g. hygiene, family planning and nutrition). In order to better reach the population, these prevention events are organised in connection with local schools. However, due to the heavy rains this year the school in Namdo was destroyed and they had to switch to a tent as a treatment room.

Also, the school principals are the nurses’ reference persons in case of any problems.