New school building Namdo

Current situation: Irreparable damage from heavy rain and snowfall

Heavy rainfall in the summer of 2018 and heavy snowfalls the following winter have damaged much of the school and Health Station to the point where repairs are no longer possible.

At present, the school operation is laboriously maintained, the children are, if the weather permits, taught outdoors or in tents. But this is by no means a solution for the future, because except in summer it is very cold at over 4000 m in the Upper Dolpo. And climate change is expected to make weather events more common, as they did last year.

New School building and Health Station

We want to support the village, to build a new school – a stable, weatherproof and earthquake-proof building, so that the access to education in Namdo is secured in the future. The health station for our nurse must be urgently set up.

The building concept

In Namdo, three buildings with a total of six classrooms and a health station are to be built within one year. We have decided to realize the new school building with an experienced partner, the non-profit organization REED Nepal.

The buildings consist of a steel frame construction with prefabricated elements. They are standing on a secure concrete foundation. Walls and roof are thermally insulated. Windows and interior are made of wood. This construction meets all the essential requirements for a new school building:

  • wind and weather resistant </ li>
  • earthquake-resistant </ li>
  • durable </ li>
  • bright, warm and modern spaces </ li>
  • flexible and expandable room concept </ li>
  • quick implementation through modular design and ready-made elements


  • Professional project planning, cost transparency and legal certainty are guaranteed (construction approved by the government).
  • The local village community is actively involved in the construction project.

Become part of the project! </ Strong>Every donation – regardless of height – is a great help! Donations can be made to the usual bank details with the note “new school building for Namdo”.

A new, safe building with a modular design.

(Last update: 17.5.2019)