Nunnery School


Currently, 14 girls are attending Nunnery School in Tsarang. The school is run as a boarding school and gives the girls in addition to basic education an in-depth training in Buddhist religion. This ties in with old traditions; in Mustang nunneries have always existed, which facilitated education for girls. Nowadays, the older students perform prayer ceremonies, so-called pujas, at the people’s homes and are much appreciated for this.

After completing the seven years of schooling, the girls can decide whether they want to attend secondary school or return to their families. Currently, six former students attend Sakya College in India. The school association enables them to return home during the summer holidays by assuming travel expenses.

Every year, the school association pays for the food provision of the pupils, including the remuneration of the housemother. Furthermore, irregular expenses such as a wooden floor or new computers for computer classes are supported. This way constant everyday life at the boarding school is possible.

We would be very pleased with project sponsorships for the Nunnery School. At the request of the school administration and the school committee, no children-specific sponsorships will be granted.