In the Namdo / Karang region, there has not been any conventional medical support for the population until now. In an emergency, the population had to accept a long walk. The ones to suffer were mainly mothers, children and the elderly population. Due to the lack of support for mothers before and after birth, child and maternal mortality is still very high.

In 2012, we sought to work with the Dolpo Tulku (1), One Heart World Wide (2) and the district government (3) to improve primary health care. Due to their financial support both the income and running costs for the two nurses can be covered. Since 2013 it has been one and since this year two nurses are responsible for the district of Saldang. Both women have done additional training in obstetrics.

In addition to the medical care of the population, the lies on prevention (such as hygiene, family planning and nutrition). In order to better reach out to the population, these prevention events are held in conjunction with the local schools. The Namdo, Saldang and Karang schools have a treatment room. The school principals are also valued as consultants for the nurses in case of problems.