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The reconstruction of the village of Tempathang was completed in October 2021 Gone are the days of temporary accommodation, the time of freezing in the winter months and the time of wetness during the monsoon. In October 2021, the project was formally completed in the presence of the villagers with a ceremony and a communal meal.   


Between 2016 and 2021, 31 houses and the gompa (Buddhist temple and meeting place) were rebuilt jointly and without external support. All those who expressed interest in a new building up to and including 2018 were able to inaugurate their houses by 2021.  


A total of CHF 276502 was spent on emergency aid, house construction and the restoration of the gompa. With the completion of the project, not only do all the villagers have a roof over their heads, the community now also has the skills and equipment to build earthquake-proof houses on their own. All the objectives listed in the project description  (see our website Tempathang) have been met. A detailed final report can also be found on our website.  


The project was only possible thanks to the generous support of the many donors. Many thanks also on behalf of the villagers! 


Final Report 2021


The following film (15 min) by Luca Steiner offers an exciting insight into the reconstruction activities: 

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