Earthquake: Project “Hope”

Donation Goal For This Project is CHF 530,000
27% Donated/CHF 381,933 To Go

Tempathang – a village is born again

Tempathang is the last larger scattered settlement in the valley of Balephi Kolas, located at 2200m altitude and is touched by the “Great Himalayan Trail”. It has 510 inhabitants and 108 buildings. All buildings were either destroyed or severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake. The village is not connected to any street and can only be reached on foot with a one-day march. The living situation in the makeshift shelters is precarious during the monsoon and extremely critical even in winter. The need is great!

The project

At the end of 2015, the association decides to coordinate the reconstruction of the Sherpadorf in a separately managed and time-limited project and, if possible, to finance it. The design concept is based on the principle “help for self-help”. Only money donated for earthquake victims and reconstruction will be used. At the Rabindra Puri Foundation ( training center in Panauti, in May 2016, 16 villagers were trained as carpenters and stonemasons at a model house in the technology of safe-to-use construction. As a material only stones, loam and wood come into question. ). Plans and drawings for the new earthquake-resistant houses in the traditional local architectural style are made by the Nepalese architect Rabindra Puri. The documents are recognized by the Nepalese authorities as safe from earthquake. This is the prerequisite to receive later support from the state. In June 2016, after providing the necessary tools, the experts will begin building the first houses. The school association pays salaries for the work of trained villagers who can not work in the fields and also denies the cost of slate roofs.

House being built

Carpenter at work



All work is done exclusively by the villagers.

For the construction of 25 houses, the financing requirement amounts to about CHF 200’000.- (as of November 2018).

Details zum Wiederaufbauprojekt
Details of the reconstruction project can be found in the project’s own homepage at . There, a detailed project description is stored and current information on project progress is available.


Donations Donations to the earthquake relief can be paid to the usual bank account of the association with the remark: “school club Lo-Manthang, hope”.