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In Kathmandu, we run a hostel for young people who attend secondary school. The young people all come from Dolpo, where they attended primary school in Namdo. In order to be able to offer the young people a pleasant home in a family atmosphere in the big city, we employ a house mother who looks after the young people. She is supported by a cook who prepares tasty and healthy meals three times a day.  


Around 30 young people attend secondary school, where they stay until year 10. Most of them then complete two years of college, specializing in a subject of their choice - depending on their future aspirations.  


Our financial support includes all costs relating to the hostel - schooling, hostel expenses and wages for the house mother and cook.  


If Year 12 graduates wish to complete a vocational training or go to university, we support them financially as far as we can. As there has been an increasing systematic decentralization of administration in Nepal in recent years, many new jobs have been created in Dolpo. Qualified craftsmen are also in demand.  


This offers students a great opportunity to find a job in their hometown with a good education and thus support their families. They can also contribute to the further development of the region with their skills and ideas.  


The interests of the young adults are very diverse, ranging from tourism, accounting, IT, nursing, electrics,crafts to social work. These are often closely linked to the desire to make a difference in their home country.   

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