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The primary school was founded in 2003 and has been run as a semi-private school ever since. The government currently provides four teachers. An additional seven private teachers are paid by the school association. Most of the private teachers are former pupils of the Namdo School, who had the opportunity to attend secondary schools in Kathmandu after primary school.  


Every year, some primary school graduates leave their home village of Namdo and move to our hostel in Kathmandu. From there, they attend secondary school and later college. This gives these students the opportunity to do a vocational apprenticeship or even study at university.  


Due to the climatic conditions, regular school runs from April to November. For some years now, winter school has been organised during the cold season. Some of our teachers stay in Namdo during this time and teach those children whose families stay in Namdo, which is over 4200 metres above sea level, in winter.  


The school's catchment area comprises more than 100 households. The school in Namdo is the only access to education for the children and enjoys a high status in the village and the surrounding area, so that the number of pupils is increasing every year. More than 100 children currently attend the school and are taught according to the Nepalese curriculum. The curriculum is supplemented with lessons in Tibetan so that the connection to the mother tongue and the local Tibetan Buddhist culture is not lost. The school comprises 8 classes: Nursery, Kindergarden, grades 1-5 and the 6th grade (Lower Secondary Class)  


The school's high level of acceptance among the local population has been achieved thanks to its continuous operation and the commitment of the school management and teachers. School lessons (including teaching materials and uniforms) are free of charge for the children and are funded by your donation.   

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