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School Association Lo-Manthangis a small, non-profit organisation with the aim of giving children and young people from poor backgrounds in structurally weak, remote mountain regions of Nepal access to a basic school education.  


The association acts as a link between donors, sponsors and patrons here and the projects in Dolpo and Mustang. It provides information on the development of the projects, ensures transparent, efficient use of the funds, enables continuous support from the broad sponsorship organisation and reaches out to interested parties. The donations are used directly. The administrative costs are very low, as all board members work voluntarily. School Association Lo-Manthangis recognised as a non-profit organisation.  


Since 1999, we have been committed to the literacy and educational development of the population in the remote mountain regions of the Himalayas in Nepal, initially only in Mustang and now very intensively in Upper Dolpo.  


Our project in Mustang - the monastery school for boys in Lo-Manthang - has been carried out successfully and continuously since the association was founded. The school association is not solely responsible for the project.  


In 2010, School Association Lo-Manthang took over sole responsibility for the primary school in Namdo/Upper Dolpo and in 2012 opened a hostel in Kathmandu for secondary school pupils from Namdo and Karang/Upper Dolpo.   

You can find our completed projects here.



Our main objective is to provide sustainable support through school education in the remote, structurally weak areas of Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang in Nepal. Our concrete goals are: 


  •  Access to general school education and opportunities for vocational training   

  • Organizing scholarships for children and young people from needy families  

  • Improving medical care, preventive work and assistance in emergencies   

  • Preservation of their Tibetan Buddhist culture 

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